Adventurer Club - God's Little Starlight



The Adventurer Club is a Seventh-day Adventist Church-Sponsored ministry open to all families of children in grade 1 to 4 who agree to keep the Adventurer Pledge and Law. 


Physical Characteristics

  • I have boundless energy
  • I am developing coordination

Mental Characteristics

  • I learn by doing
  • I am curious about everything
  • I understand what I can see and touch
  • I like variety

Socio-Emotional Characteristics

  • I am learning social skills
  • I am becoming more independent
  • I need success and approval from you
  • I am easily overexcited
  • I am very social

Cooper City God’s Little Star Light Club Meetings:

Date: 1st and 3rd Sabbath of each month.

Time: 5:30 P.M. to 7:30 P.M. (time is subject to change depending on to the Sunset)

Address: 9250 Stirling Rd, Hollywood, FL 33024

Phone: (954) 432-5681


Club Fees:

  • Club registration fee is $50, per Adventurer.


Important Events/Dates:


  • February 22, 2020, Red Zone Early Registration Fee is due $8 per person.

  • March 14, 2020, Red Zone Meal payment is due $22 per person 

  • April 26, 2020, Red Zone Late Registration Fee is due $11/person

  • May 2, 2020, Adventurer Investiture.

Hotel and Volcano Bay Important Fees:

  • April 11, 2020, Red Zone Hotel Registration Fee is due.  Anyone who fails to pay the Hotel Registration fee by April 11, 2020, will need to contact the hotel for reservation. Per The Hotel Group Reservation, " The Hotel Cut off Deadline Reservations must be paid directly to the Hotel by 05/01/2020. After this date reservations will be accepted on a space a rate available basis only."

Holiday Inn Express Alachua

16367 NW 167th Blvd 

Alachua, FL  32615


  1. Six (individuals in a Hotel Suite) rate, $52 per person staying May 22-24, 2020 Only. 

  2. Volcano Bay Orland Water Park (click on theme park name to be directed to the website for pricing information)

  3.  Volcano Bay Admission Ticket, $80 per person

  4. Six (individuals in a Hotel Suite) staying Sunday night, May 24, 2020, is Only an additional $21 per person, keeping in mind that there will be 6 person to a room. 

  5.  Hotel fee, if you are not planning to attend Volcano Bay, on Memorial Day, May 25, 2020 is  $52 per person

  6. Hotel fee, if planning to attend Volcano Bay on Memorial Day, May 25, 2020 is $73 per person

Cooper City God’s Little Start Light Adventurer Club Class Level


Adventurer Teaching Awards, Chips, and Stars, and Forms:

Sterling Volunteers:

Mandatory Child Abuse Training and Background Check:

All adults eighteen years (18+) or older must Complete the Child Abuse Training and Background Check.

Mandatory Training and Background Check


Training tutorial


Club Uniform


The uniform makes the Adventurer Club real to its members, especially the children.  The uniform becomes an emblem of a standard, builds loyalty to the cub, and brings members into a sense of community.  The uniform should always be neat, clean, and worn with pride.







Helpful Resources:

Uniform, class materials, awards, chips and stars:



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